Pi-oneer Scouting Network

The Pi-oneer Scouting Network (PSN) is a strategic initiative designed to enhance the competitive intelligence and collaborative efforts of FIRST Robotics Competition teams. Our network provides a comprehensive platform for sharing valuable scouting data and resources, empowering teams to make informed decisions during competitions.

Core Features of PSN

  • Real-Time Data Sharing: PSN enables teams to access and share real-time match data and analytics, which are crucial for strategizing during competitions. This system includes data on team performance, robot capabilities, match outcomes, and much more.
  • Collaborative Environment: By fostering a cooperative environment, PSN encourages teams to collaborate rather than compete in isolation. This approach not only improves the performance of all teams involved but also upholds the FIRST ethos of Coopertition™ and Gracious Professionalism.
  • Accessible Technology: The network leverages user-friendly technology solutions, including a custom-designed scouting app and a web-based admin panel. These tools allow teams to efficiently collect and manage match data, and the public access component ensures that insights are readily available to the broader FIRST community.

Impact and Expansion

Since its inception, PSN has dramatically transformed how teams approach scouting and strategy. It has been instrumental in helping numerous teams achieve greater success at competitions by providing them with a deeper understanding of their competitors and allies. The Pi-oneers continuously enhance PSN, incorporating feedback from users to expand its features and reach.

Future Goals

Looking ahead, the Pi-oneers aim to expand the network by integrating more advanced analytics and machine learning models to predict match outcomes and suggest optimal strategies.