Every thriving organization understands the importance of being surrounded by successful people who can share their expertise with those around them. Team 1676 is structured much like a small but well-integrated corporation due to their coaches, teachers, mentors and student Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). There is one student CEO from each school. The team has created two Divisions—Mechanical and MOD (Management, Outreach, and Design)—under which there are 13 Sub-Divisions. Division leaders are responsible for managing all aspects of their divisions and are chosen due to their exemplary demonstration of leadership skills. Each Sub-Division works on a specific aspect of their Division. This encourages more collaboration, communication, and responsibility between teammates.


Team leaders attend training workshops prior to the start of Build Season, teaching students effective leadership and managerial skills. Team members are trained during Pi-Tech Academy to develop a skillset necessary for Build Season. Some students cross train between Sub-Divisions during their tenure as Pi-oneers in order to increase their knowledge base and share their expertise. Each year, the team assigns students within the Mechanical Division to game-specific Mechanical Sub-Divisions. This year’s game-specific Mechanical Sub-Divisions are: Climber, Shooter, and Gear. The Pascack Pi-oneers are fortunate to have dedicated mentors for all of their Sub-Divisions to work with them throughout the build season.