Management, Outreach, & Design (MOD)

The MOD Division (Management, Outreach, and Design) is responsible for everything not directly related to the robot. This division creates graphics and animation, writes essays, manages projects, and is in charge of finances and outreach initiatives. There are six Sub-Divisions under the MOD Division: Animation, Awards, Finance, Graphics, Media, and Publications.


The Animation Sub-Division uses Blender to create animations to submit for awards. Other projects include a Gracious Professional Video and smaller projects like animation clips for reveal videos and the Chairman’s video.


The Awards Sub-Division is responsible for evaluating award criteria and writing submissions, from essays to scripts, for the Engineering Inspiration Award, the Woodie Flowers Award, the Dean’s List Award, and the Team Sustainability Award.


The Finance Sub-Division is responsible for researching and writing grants, organizing fundraising totals and recruiting new sponsors. A bill of materials is updated with robot expenses, and a detailed breakdown of both revenue and expenses are logged.


The Graphics Sub-Division creates needed graphics, images, and flyers. All logos for projects, the team’s spirit wear items, button design, and scrapbook layouts are all designed. An annual business plan is designed and created, highlighting team structure, progress, and future goals.


The Media Sub-Division takes and manages pictures and videos which are used in the annual scrapbook, the team’s Engineering Notebook, award submissions, and presentations. They are responsible for recording all of the team’s activities and match footage to be uploaded to the team’s social media.


The Publications Sub-Division is responsible for the team scrapbook, business plan, and any brochures or pamphlets needed. They completed all the layouts for the Lily the Learner series & handled event flyers.