School Partnerships

Team 1676 values the strong partnerships we have cultivated with local schools, which play a crucial role in our community outreach and educational initiatives. These partnerships facilitate a range of activities that not only engage students and parents but also enhance the educational experience throughout our district.

Key Activities and Events

Our school partnerships include a variety of events and programs, some of which include:

  • 8th Grade Orientation: We introduce middle school students to the possibilities within STEM fields and FIRST Robotics, providing them with a preview of high school life and the exciting projects they can join.
  • Back-to-School Nights: These evenings are an opportunity for parents to learn about the impactful role that FIRST Robotics plays in their children’s education, showcasing our team’s achievements and our plans for the future.
  • Bake Sales: Hosted during school events, these bake sales not only raise funds for our team and other school clubs but also promote community spirit and cooperation.
  • Freshman Orientation: Incoming students are welcomed with open arms and introduced to the diverse opportunities available in our robotics team, encouraging early involvement and sustained interest in STEM activities.

Impact of Partnerships

These partnerships have proven instrumental in building a robust pipeline of talented, enthusiastic young engineers and scientists. They also enhance our team’s visibility and integration within the school system, fostering a supportive network of educators, students, and parents committed to the growth and success of our initiatives.