Ready, Set, Speak!

Ready, Set, Speak! is a website that uses verbal imitation (with a mirror feature) to assist children on the autism spectrum in speaking and comprehending language. The website displays videos of team members pronouncing basic words and a mirror function so the user can imitate the mouth movements. In 2016, two rookie Pi-oneers furthered developed this project that they began on their FLL team. They expanded the website to teach over 55 words in 9 categories. Team members met with professionals to enhance the website’s features and school faculty to discuss incorporating the program into curriculums. It was officially launched in 2018.

The website has been translated into Spanish, with French almost complete. The Pascack Valley High School French Honor Society has collaborated with the team to provide text translations. Videos are being provided by FTC Team 58 EduRobot in Haiti, as a partnership to introduce Ready, Set, Speak! to professionals in their country.  

Ready, Set, Speak! has been introduced to the Jawonio Foundation as a resource for their work with autistic children.

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