LEGOs & a Story

“LEGOs & a Story” is an outreach initiative started by Team 1676 in response to the need for engaging virtual activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed to merge engineering with creative storytelling, this event invites children to build LEGO models and narrate their own stories based on their creations. This program not only cultivates technical building skills but also enhances literacy and narrative abilities, making learning both fun and multidimensional.

Since its inception in 2020, “LEGOs & a Story” has significantly expanded its reach. Originally a local initiative, the program has since been shared internationally with partners such as our South Africa FTC teams and the Sakhikamva Foundation, along with FRC Team 9199 in Brazil, and Team 6562 Sigma in India. These collaborations have helped to spread the joy and educational benefits of the program to hundreds of children across the globe.

In its latest iteration, “LEGOs & a Story” continues to adapt and grow. The program’s unique combination of hands-on building and storytelling has resonated deeply within the community, fostering not only a love for engineering but also a passion for creative expression among participants.