LEGOs & a Movie

Initiated in 2011, “LEGOs & a Movie” is an innovative fundraiser designed to engage young minds and promote STEAM education. This event invites children from Kindergarten through 6th grade to build with LEGOs, interact with team members, and watch a STEAM-themed movie. The primary aim is to cultivate children’s creativity and construction skills while sparking their interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics from an early age.

Owing to its resounding success, the Pi-oneers now host three annual “LEGOs & a Movie” events. Each session is tailored to foster different skills and interests:

  • LEGOs & a Movie
  • LEGOs & a Movie: Girls Who Build and Code focuses exclusively on empowering young girls, inspiring them to explore and pursue STEAM fields.
  • LEGOs & a Movie: Day at the Races lets participants engage in friendly competition by building and racing LEGO cars.

These events not only serve as a platform for fundraising but also play a crucial role in making STEAM accessible and enjoyable for the community’s youth. By continuously adapting and expanding the “LEGOs & a Movie” series, Team 1676 ensures a lasting impact, encouraging more families to join the fun and learn about the possibilities within STEAM and FIRST.