Team 1676, The Pascack Pi-oneers, has developed a profound partnership with the robotics community in India through a pioneering exchange program and collaborative efforts to expand FIRST programs in the region. Our partnerships with Team Sigma and The Choice School in Cochin epitomize our commitment to fostering international collaboration and cultural exchange.

Foundational Exchange Program

In 2016, we launched an exchange program with The Choice School in Cochin, introducing Indian students to the world of FIRST and the comprehensive educational opportunities it offers. Students from India stayed with Pi-oneer families for three weeks, immersing themselves in our team’s culture during the Build Season. They participated actively in both robot and non-robot Divisions, attended classes alongside the Pi-oneers, and explored New York City, gaining a holistic view of the educational, social, and technical aspects of being part of a FIRST team.

Team Sigma Collaboration

More recently, our collaboration has extended to Team Sigma, fostering deeper technical exchanges and joint projects. This partnership highlighted our commitment to not only share resources and knowledge but also to enable hands-on experiences that bridge cultures and enhance engineering skills. The exchange culminated in hosting Team Sigma students in 2024, providing them with firsthand experience in robot design and strategy during an intensive build season.