Students who are part of the Mechanical Division fabricate all physical parts of the team’s robot. There are six Sub-Divisions under the Mechanical Division: Carpentry, Chassis, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Shooter, Climber, and Gear.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

The Computer Aided Design (CAD) Sub-Division uses Autodesk inventor to build a computer model of the robot for the purpose of capturing every phase of the robot design, effectively helping to plan the robot’s layout and final components.


The Carpentry Sub-Division is responsible for building the practice field and components, as well as the robot bumpers and wooden prototype parts. The Carpentry Sub-Division builds the field that is used to calibrate the robot for competitions.


The chassis subdivision is responsible for creating the body or “chassis” of the robot. This is what allows the robot to move around on the field.

Each year, the team assigns students within the Mechanical Division to game-specific Sub-Divisions. This year’s game-specific Mechanical Sub-Divisions are: Climber, Shooter, and BAD/Defenses.


The Gear Sub-Division assembles a mechanism to obtain gears from a feeder station and deliver them to the peg.


The Climber Sub-Division constructs the mechanism of the robot which climbs a rope to touch the Launch pad which signifies TAKE OFF. In the last thirty seconds of the game it climbs the rope (four feet 10 inches) and needs to hang for at least one second for the points to count.


The Shooter Sub-Division creates a mechanism to launch fuel into the boiler. The shooter utilizes two fast-moving wheels to shoot into the high goal from different locations on the field.