Publications Library

Our publications library for 2020 includes “The Rookie Bookie”, “The Animation Guide”, and “FIRST Tech Challenge Team Sponsorship Booklet”. Feel free to browse, print, and share any of our publications in this showcase.

Also, click the link to see our presentations for The Coderina Foundation: FIRST Tech Challenge: The Engineering Notebook, and Computer Programming: The Basics of Java.

 FLL Bergen Brickfest 2023

Congratulations to the participants of the 2021 FLL Bergen BrickFest! Please check out the article to see the final rankings, as well as a playlist of every individual match from throughout the competition.

Ready, Set, Speak! in Spanish

Ready, Set, Speak! is a website devoted to improving the communication and comprehension skills of children on the autism spectrum and suffering from apraxia. New this year, Team 1676 translated the website into Spanish to expand its impact. Check it out at