Projects – FRC

The Pi-oneers established and mentor Team 6203, Titanium Knights Robotics and 4653, the Don Bosco Ironmen. In 2016, Team 1676 started a new FRC team in Clarkstown NY, Team 6401. The Pi-oneers obtained a $15,000 sponsorship from Orange & Rockland Utilities for their rookie season. The Pi-oneers are in contact with several potential FIRST teams nearby, hosting them in their workspace and introducing them to Build Season and competitions. The annual Kickoff celebration hosted by the Pi-oneers is attended by FRC Teams 223, 3314, 4653, 6203 and 6401. Team 1676 collaborates with FRC Teams 75 RoboRaiders, Team 223 Xtreme Heat, Team 1279 Cold Fusion, Team 6203 Titanium Knights, Team 6401, 8-Bit Rams, Team 56 R.O.B.B.E., Team 303 T.E.S.T Team, Team 3142, Aperture, Team 3314, Mechanical Mustangs, and Team 4653, Don Bosco Ironmen.