Information Technology & Robot Control (ITRC)

The ITRC Division (Information Technology & Robot Control) controls all aspects of programming both on and off the robot, ranging from robot programming to writing the code for different Android apps. There are five Sub-Divisions under ITRC: Apps, Electrical/Pneumatics, Programming, Scouting, Website.


The Electrical/Pneumatics Sub-Division powers all the motors with the Power Distribution Panel and controls them with code from the roboRIO. Members control the voltage distribution throughout the robot. They work hand-in-hand with both the mechanical and robot programming subteams. They are also responsible for the compression and transportation of air pressure throughout the robot using compressors, regulators, and valves to ensure the safe use of air.

Robot Programmers

Programming writes code to run all of the robot’s functions using LabVIEW. Robot control deals with both the hardware (the robot) and the software which runs on top of it. Autonomous is operated directly by the code team members create; the interaction between driver/operator and the robot is controlled by them as well.


Students create code for the team website. It is maintained and updated as necessary. This information is shared with all team members and other teams as well. Info-Tech is additionally responsible for the creation of engaging applications to share with fellow FIRST participants, as well as exciting games for all to play.


Every year, the Scouting Sub-Division creates a new website customized for each year’s game that allows for team members to scout during competitions. Data is available for all teams.