2005 – Scorpion

Game: Triple Play
Robot Name: Scorpion

  • Had articulating arm to lift Tetras onto goals.
  • Could stack Tetras onto other Tetras on goals.

2006 – Clyde

Game: Aim High
Robot Name: Clyde

  • Able to pick up Poof Balls off the ground and shoot them into the high goal.
  • Could get up on top of the ramp during the end of the match for bonus points.

2007 – Johnny 5

Game: Rack ‘n’ Roll
Robot Name: Johnny 5

  • Used suction to pick up tubes off the ground.
  • Able to put tubes on the first and second levels of the Spider.
  • Able to lift one other robot 4” off the ground at the end of the match for bonus points.

2008 – Landshark

Game: FIRST Overdrive
Robot Name: Landshark

  • Able to pick up Trackballs off the ground, and place them on or over the Overpass.
  • Could place Trackballs on the Overpass during the end of the match for bonus points.

2009 – Apollo

Game: Lunacy
Robot Name: Apollo

  • Turreted shooter could shoot Orbit Balls into opponents’ trailers.
  • Able to pick up Orbit Balls off the ground.

2010 – Weeble

Game: Breakaway
Robot Name: Weeble

  • Able to score up to 3 soccer balls during Autonomous Mode.
  • Able to drive over the bumps across the field.
  • Able to control and kick soccer balls into goals.
  • Able to hang during the end of the match for bonus points.

2011 – Mantisaurus

Game: Logomotion
Robot Name: Mantisaurus

  • Able to pick tubes off the ground and score on all three levels of the rack.
  • Deployed a Minibot during the end of the match that could climb the pole in seconds for bonus points.

2012 – Iron Horse

Game: Rebound Rumble
Robot Name: Iron Horse

  • Able to score two basketballs during Hybrid Mode.
  • Able to pick up basketballs off the ground to score into the 2 point and 3 point goals.
  • Able to shoot from the bridge, key, and against the fender.
  • Able to go over both the bridge and barrier.
  • Able to balance on the bridge alone or with one or two other robots at the end of the match for bonus points.

2013 – Sidewinder

Game: Ultimate Ascent
Robot Name: Sidewinder

  • Able to shoot frisbees while stationary and moving.
  • Multiple drive speeds.
  • Able to hang from level one of pyramid at the end of the match for bonus points.

2014 – Nightwing

Game: Aerial Assist
Robot Name: Nightwing

  • Able to catch and shoot balls.
  • Scored into the low and high goal.

2015 – Reaper

Game: Recycle Rush
Robot Name: Reaper

  • Created stacks of up to six totes, with a recycling container on top.
  • Could pick up sideways totes and tipped over recycling containers​.

2016 – Leonardo

Game: FIRST Stronghold
Robot Name: Leonardo

  • Able to go over all defenses.
  • Able to score/shoot in the low goal.

2017 – Brazin’

Game: FIRST Steamworks
Robot Name: Brazin’

  • Can acquire and place gears onto a horizontal spring “peg” in autonomous and teleop.
  • Can acquire yellow balls called fuel off of the floor and shoot them into a high boiler.
  • Can climb onto a rope at the end of the game.

2018 – Dragon

Game: FIRST Power Up
Robot Name: Dragon

  • Capable of acquiring yellow boxes called cubes off of the arena floor.
  • Upon the acquisition of these cubes, Dragon can transport them throughout the arena and is designed to place them onto scales throughout the arena.
  • Aside from the scales throughout the arena, the cubes can additionally be brought through the exchange portals, to help utilize power-ups.
  • The most innovative addition brought about by Dragon is the ramps on either side, utilized to help lift the allied robots up the tower in the very center of the arena.

2019 – Laika

Game: FIRST Destination: Deep Space
Robot Name: Laika

  • Can place hatch panels on the cargo ship and all levels of the rocket.
  • Can place cargo in the cargo ship and all levels of the rocket.
  • Can climb to the level two habitat at the end of a match.

2020 – C-3πO

Game: FIRST Infinite Recharge
Robot Name: C-3πO

  • Can pick up and accurately shoot power cells into the high goal.
  • Can manipulate the control panel.
  • Can pull itself onto the rendezvous point at the end of a match.