Projects – Varsity Status

In 2015, the Pi-oneers achieved their long-awaited goal of obtaining Academic Varsity status. With the help of RC Teams 11 MORT, 303 the Test Team, and 3142 Aperture, they created a set of criteria for Varsity students. The presentation of their rationale and criteria was very successful, and with the support of the superintendent, both schools’ principals, athletic directors, and the Board of Education, they were granted Academic Varsity status. Twelve students were awarded varsity letters for their commitment and contributions to the Pi-oneers during the first recognition ceremony, and seven achieved varsity status at the second. The success of the team receiving an Academic Varsity letter has inspired other academic teams in the district to consider applying as well. For the first time in 2015, Varsity team members were recognized at the Winter Pep Rally at Pascack Hills High School.