Projects – STEAM Fair

Team 1676 created and ran the first Fall for STEAM Fair in October 2019. Team members ran 30 booths, each offering a fun activity and promoting a different area of STEAM, such as chemistry, engineering, computer science, animation, and web design. The Pi-oneers demonstrated two of their robots and encouraged participants to drive them. One of the FLL teams that the Pi-oneers mentor provided a robot demonstration, as well. There were more than 200 K-8 students and parents in attendance! 

This year, the annual STEAM Fair was held virtually in October 2020. The Community Outreach Project Group prepared and delivered boxes filled with 5 interactive STEAM projects, each project related to a letter in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Participants logged into a virtual meeting with Pi-oneers to complete the activities together. Concluding the event, the team shared information about FIRST and Team 1676, and showed a video of their robot.