Personal Emergency Cards

  • Posted on: 20 February 2018
  • By: team1676admin


- Create your own ICE card:

1.  The purpose of making these cards is for people to not only have another way of quick identification but also a way to identify with a team. For example, other teams within the FRC community can fill these out and Team 1676 will deliver them.

2.  The Safety division on the Pascack Pi-oneers (Team 1676) invites you to create your own ICE wallet sized card to carry around with you. Also, the ability to have it printed makes it easy to read and allows for less errors to occur. While filling this out make sure that you put down a contact that you can rely on and trust like a parent, family friend, or mentor. If you do not know your blood type then you can select the question mark.

- What does ICE mean?

​1.  The ICE cards are very useful to medical responders so they can tend to one quickly and have the medical information on hand as well as have contact information for ones next of kin.

2.  ICE means In Case of an Emergency and was originally a program so that first responders are able to see who to contact if one is injured. This is used to check medical information quickly in the form of a card.